On Waiting and Patience

I’ve been thinking a lot about patience lately— about the ways that I am so impatient and often seek instant gratification or immediate results. I’ve never thought of myself as a patient person and for years on end I have prayed for the Lord to develop patience in me, so it’s funny that now when I see my patience being put to work, I get frustrated. Like— I literally prayed for this! And even though there may be situations which are frustrating and can make me feel as if my patience has run out, I know that the Lord is teaching me so much through it all. I’m focusing on Him and trusting Him through it because His timing is always perfect. Even when I wish I could rush or hurry through things because they’re hard— He knows what’s on the other side of the season of waiting and will continue to develop my character through the hard seasons. I am learning that in these seasons, when I am intentional about surrendering my plans to Him, I am able to feel His peace so much more abundantly. And I know one thing’s for sure, when I keep my eyes on God, having that patience seems just a little bit easier. Focusing on Him and His goodness and the ultimate victory we have in Jesus makes everything else seem a little bit less scary. Praise God for His faithfulness and continuous pursuit of my heart and the ways He continues to shape me through the waiting.

I wanted to write about patience and waiting because I think it’s something a lot of people can relate to. We are all waiting for things, whether that be as simple as waiting in line for coffee, or as nerve-racking as waiting to hear back about a job opportunity or for good news from the doctor. Romans 12:12 reads, “Rejoice in hope; be patient in affliction; be persistent in prayer.” This is my prayer through seasons of waiting. I pray that I’d learn to rejoice, even when things are hard, to continuing praising God through it all because He is my hope. I pray that I’d continue to learn patience and trust that the Lord won’t let the pain or suffering be for nothing, that He will always bring something good from it. Finally, and SO importantly, I pray that I would continue to seek after God in prayer. To continue to come to Him with my hurts and struggles and praises. Being persistent is prayer is one of the best ways to look back and see the ways He has answered these prayers. Romans 12:12 has been such an important verse to me lately and is such a great reminder in the ways that we can continue to trust in God even when the waiting feels never-ending.

These two quotes below hang on my bulletin board beside my bed and always make me feel so encouraged when I’m struggling with having patience. Morgan Harper Nichols always says it best: There is a life to be lived in the waiting. One of the biggest struggles for me that comes along with waiting is wishing away the time. Waiting is hard. Waiting isn’t fun. But there is also SO much joy available, even through times of waiting, if you’ll just seek after it. But when you’re focused on the hurts and focused on the waiting, you might miss out on that joy and the ways that the Lord is so present. Cling to that joy from the Lord and let it give you strength in this time. Don’t let the impatience steal your joy and rob you of the beautiful life to be lived that God has given you. He’s got you. The waiting won’t last forever. His timing is always perfect, even when we can’t understand or see it right now. Thank you Lord for the ways you continue to develop patience in me and the ways you help me find the joy through it all.

Also— If you’re a podcast person, listen to “A Beautiful Story” by Mia Fieldes. It is singlehandedly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard regarding when it comes to waiting on the Lord and what He has for us. Mia’s story encouraged me so much and I know it could be an encouragement to you, too!

Julia DeWolfComment