MUST HAVES When Headed off to College

If you’ve found your way to this blog post, I’m guessing that this fall you’re heading off to college for the first time ever and, if you’re like me, had no clue where to begin when it came to packing. How does one pack up their whole life and fit it into a tiny dorm room?! I certainly made a lot of mistakes in the things I brought and didn’t bring my freshman year so I’m hoping that this blog post will help you simplify and only invest in what’s necessary! I will link some of my favorite things and I really hope this is helpful. Your freshman year is such an exciting time!

  • Perhaps one of the most important things is a comfortable mattress topper. You want your new home away from home to be as comfy (okay maybe almost as comfy) as your bed at home! I have linked the mattress topper I used my freshman year that I absolutely loved. You can buy it here!

  • Slippers!!! I went to college without slippers and I think it was one of the first things I ordered off amazon once I was at school. You’ll spend a lot of time walking in between friends rooms/to the bathroom and having slippers makes that all so much easier + comfier! I ordered these, here.

  • A hanging mirror for jewelry! This was a lifesaver my freshman year. I loved that it locked so I always knew my things were secure. The only issue for me with the one I ordered was that it was damaged in transit and arrived broken 3 times! I’m linking a similar one from amazon here that will hopefully arrive in one piece for ya!

  • Storage for underneath your bed! Many dorm room beds are able to be lofted high enough that you would have room for storage underneath. Invest in some of those plastic drawers from target + you will save tons of space in your closet! Something like these, here.

  • Steamer! You’ll want something small and handheld that’s easy to store! You and your roommate won’t need two, so you can decide between the two of you who wants to grab that. Shoutout to Tanslee for always offering to steam my clothes for me freshman year :’)

  • Command Strips! Because most dorms will not allow you to nail into the wall or anything like that, command strips work well for hanging virtually anything. Get more than you think you need because you’ll probably find more things you want to hang up and such! Get them here.

  • Shower Shoes! If you’re lucky enough like I was to have community bathrooms (I hope y’all caught onto the sarcasm there) then you’ll definitely want a pair of shower shoes. This can be anything from crocs or just simple plastic flip flops!

  • A rolling laundry hamper! This might sound extra but when I was carrying my ginormous laundry hamper down three flights of stairs, I decided I needed to invest in one that rolled. It makes doing laundry in college so much easier + more convenient. Mine was from Target, here!

  • Over the door shoe hanger! Again, this was something that saved so much room in my closet. I hung it over my closet door facing inwards, so you couldn’t see it but it allowed for more space on the floor of my closet to put things like my laundry basket + such instead of stacking shoes there. I got mine from amazon, here!

  • Bluetooth speaker! This is essential for everything from just hanging out in your dorm to listening to music as you get ready. I love music so much but didn't want to break the bank with an expensive speaker but this one works so well for the price. Highly reccommend!

  • Robe! This is essential for walking to and from the bathroom after showering, you never know who might be wandering through the hallway. You could also get one of those velcro towel wraps, I just prefer a robe!

  • Lint Roller! Something easy to forget about but SO useful. It came in handy more times than not!

  • Keurig! If you’re coffee-obsessed like myself, it’s super convenient to have a keurig in your dorm room. It’s not essential but definitely makes things easier + less expensive than grabbing a latte from starbucks every day. Get it here!

I hope this list helped those of you headed to college in the fall feel just a little bit more prepared + with an idea of where to begin when it comes to shopping and packing. If you have any more questions please always feel free to shoot me an email or reach out on social media. Happy (almost) freshman year!

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