Wyldlife Camp Michindoh

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to lead a cabin of 8th grade girls last week at wyldlife camp! These five days were full of beautiful conversations, many trips down the water slide, and a time for kids to be kids. Younglife has been such an impactful organization in my life and it’s actually crazy to think that I went on this exact trip my 8th grade year, and now here I am 6 years later leading my own cabin of girls and walking alongside them as they get to learn more about Jesus. So much life has been lived in between these trips but I could not be more thankful for my leader Sarah and the way she has been such a role model + example of Christ’s love to me through it all.

This sweet cabin of girls taught me so many things throughout the five days we spent together. I didn’t know any of them going into the week but I am so thankful for the way we got to open up to one another and grow in faith-based friendships together. We got to talk about the hard things as well as share in so many funny and joyful moments. They taught me the importance of being a good listener and showing up for your friends, even when it’s tough. I can’t wait to watch each of them continue to grow in their relationship with God and chase after Him as they transition into this new season of life beginning high school.


I had the absolute honor and blessing of co-leading with my girl OGK. Olivia showed me so much grace, joy, honesty, and the beauty of a true friendship this week. I loved watching her love on these girls and develop friendships with them and show them such a pure example of Jesus’s love. Liv carries such a infectious spirit of joy with her wherever she goes + it was such a blessing to be around her all week.

Highlights of this week included:

Sharing meals with this table of girls + singing along to “I’m Ready” every meal time


Getting to see Kegs all week + celebrate her birthday with her!


Dressing up as Hydroflasks as our cabin costume (still haven’t bitten the bullet and bought one yet…) Jolie even changed her rubber bands on her braces to match her shirt. I love 8th graders.


Rides with Hickory Hills 1 and Hickory Hills 2


Getting to watch the girls turn a rainy day into a fun day with their positive attitudes + silly personalities

Jolie being so goofy with her tiny hand the entire second half of the week


A beautiful sunset and spending time with sweet leaders and wyldlife girls, followed by the most epic dance party.

Watching kids sing at the top of their lungs during club + then get to hear such incredible club talks from the speaker, Chris!


While these are many of the precious moments recorded from this week, there are also so many more that I didn’t photograph and I seriously am just so thankful for everything experienced this week. God showed up BIG in my life and I truly learned so much from these kids and these leaders I had the pleasure of spending the week with. Praise God for a safe, beautiful, and Jesus-filled week!

Julia DeWolfComment