My Week in California: Spring Break 2019

This past week I had the opportunity to travel to California for spring break and I truly had one of the best weeks of my life! I wanted to share about all the things I did on the blog in case y’all ever find yourselves in California and are looking for fun things to do.

DAY 1:


I landed in Orange County on Friday morning and my sweet friend Bella came to pick me up! We picked up Genna who was in town to visit her boyfriend Korey and had such a great day in San Clemente. We ate lunch and had ice cream at a couple cute places along the pier, walked along the beach, and had a little photoshoot! I loved getting to continue practicing my photography skills and capture some fun images of my beautiful friends.


Then, after being awake all night on a red eye flight, Genna and I headed back to her hotel for a little nap before Joe and Korey were done with work. That night Joe and I got pizza and french fries and got to catch up after being apart for the last 2 1/2 months!

DAY 2:


The next day Joe and I ate breakfast at the hotel and headed to the pier again! We went on a long walk along the beach, saw SO MANY DOGS (which if you know me absolutely made my day) and ate lunch at the Fisherman’s Restaurant right on the San Clemente Pier. The view was absolutely unbelievable and the food was so good! 10/10 recommend if you’re ever in the San Clemente area.

Later that evening we grabbed food from Del Taco to-go and headed to the beach to watch the sunset and have a picnic. Sunsets are one of my most favorite things in the whole world and I loved just getting to sit there and soak it all in with my best friend. These are memories I really will cherish forever.


DAY 3:


Joe and I watched Church of the Highlands online then headed towards downtown San Clemente and walked through some shops. I got the cutest things from this boutique called Melrose in the OC and am seriously obsessed!! I will definitely be back the next time I’m in the area. We ate lunch at Pedro’s Tacos and it was the cutest little stand with such good food for so cheap. We spent most of the day wandering around San Clemente and looking at all of the beautiful houses out there. For dinner Joe took me to one of his favorite burger spots, Biggie’s! It was so yummy and once we finished we walked down to the beach to watch the sunset again. Shortly after the sunset, Julianne, Dani, and Payti came to pick me up and Joe headed back to base. Saying goodbye is never fun or easy but I am so incredibly excited to have him in Tuscaloosa in a few weeks for part of his pre-deployment leave.


DAY 4:

We all slept in after getting home fairly late and then got ready for the day and headed to LA! We first ate lunch at the cutest place called Rose. We decided to just split a bunch of appetizers since it was kind of expensive which was definitely the way to do it. I’m not usually a big fan of brussel sprouts but theirs were incredible!


After lunch at Rose we headed to Abbott Kinney Blvd and spent the majority of the day there. We got some of the best coffee I’ve ever had from this cute place called Kreations and also had a charcuterie board from The Butcher’s Daughter. We took LOTS of pictures and went through so many fun shops.

LRG_DSC01003 2.JPG

After lots of shopping and pictures, we headed into Cha Cha Matcha for a little pick-me-up and found the cutest wall right outside their store. Although I’m not the biggest fan of matcha, they had it decorated so cute I loved the vibes of their place.


Perhaps the best part of the day was right after we had Cha Cha and headed into Show Me Your Mumu right across the street. The girls who work there are truly some of the sweetest humans ever and after chatting with them for a little bit they suggested we try on some different outfits and take pics outside the store for them to post on their Instagram! We all played it cool but on the inside were low key freaking out about the possibility of being on the Instagram of one of our most favorite clothing brands. We even got to meet Cologne and Cammy and Cammy’s sweet baby, Magnolia! It was so much fun and one of my favorite memories from this trip.


After Show Me Your Mumu, we headed to Herringbone in Santa Monica to meet some of Dani’s friends for dinner!

DAY 5:


We woke up and headed to the Laguna Beach area and I have to say that out of all the different parts of California that I’ve been to, this might just be my favorite! We started with brunch at Urth Cafe & Julianne and I were truly in gluten free heaven because they had so many options. She got a sandwich and I had some of the best avocado toast ever… Not to mention the yummy honey vanilla latte! I will definitely be back here for brunch again the next time I’m in Laguna.

After brunch we walked around Laguna, took some pictures, and shopped a bunch. There are so many cute stores in that area and we all got some fun new clothes!! We even stopped in an art museum and I was obsessed with their variations of road signs that an artist had created.


We stopped at a cute restaurant overlooking the beach for appetizers while we waited for Dani to get off work, and then headed to Shaw’s Cove. This was one of the cutest little beach spots and made for some of the best pictures. We had so much fun hanging out here and being silly together. Afterwards we headed to In-N-Out for dinner and back to Dani’s to watch the bachelor! This was such a sweet day. I’m so crazy thankful for these girls and the gift of community that they are to me.


DAY 6:


Isabel came and met up with us for a fun morning at the beach + to explore Balboa Island! Isabel grew up in Orange County so it was so fun to have somewhat of a local showing us around all of her most favorite spots.


After spending the morning at the beach, we headed to lunch at the Newport Landing Restaurant. We all got shrimp tacos and they were delicious! The view overlooked the peninsula to Balboa Island and was such a peaceful spot to eat at. After lunch we rode the ferry over to Balboa Island and walked through some shops there. We also stopped to get the famous chocolate covered bananas and balboa bars! They were definitely worth all the hype as Kylie had spent the entire morning trying to decide which one she was going to get.


After spending the day at Balboa Island, we headed back to Newport Beach, stopped at the cutest coffee + açaí bowl shop called JuiceMi, and then back to Dani’s for a nap before dinner.

DAY 7:

This was going to be my last full day in California and WOW did we have a lot planned! We were going to wake up early and go on a hike, eat In-N-Out for lunch, and go on a duffy boat ride at sunset. When we all woke up everyone else had calls altering them that their flights had been cancelled because the airlines had grounded all of the planes that were the same model as the one that had been in the recent, tragic accident. The predicament was that they were going to have to fly out immediately or wait until Monday. Because we had school Monday that no one could miss, they had no choice but to pack their bags and head out that Thursday. Thankfully my flight was not cancelled and so I was still planning on flying out on Friday, but that left me alone in California for the day Thursday. I am usually SUCH a planner and love when things go according to plan, but I think the Lord really used this change of plans to give me some time to be alone and with Him and to learn how to enjoy time spent by myself. I am extroverted almost to a fault sometimes and love to surround myself with others constantly, but this day proved I really could benefit from some alone time. I went to JuiceMi for breakfast and to study a bit, and then went on a long walk on the beach.

I stopped at Ruby’s diner for lunch and then headed to The Wedge at the edge of the peninsula to watch the surfers and read a book + journal. It was truly such a peaceful, beautiful day even though it wasn’t what I was anticipating. Later that night Dani took me to In-N-Out for one last hurrah before my flight the next day.

Overall, this truly was one of the best weeks of my life and I am so thankful for the way it all worked out getting to see both Joe and spend time with friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better spring break. California, I’ll be back soon! Also, I made a short little youtube video from our trip if you want to check it out below.