Let's Talk about Instagram: My Thoughts, Tips, and Tricks


Instagram is such a popular social media site nowadays, it can be easy to get caught up in the desire to have the most aesthetically pleasing feed, tons of followers, and get thousands of likes. I am someone who loves Instagram and I really do think it can be such an incredible tool to connect, get to know other people, and find inspiration, but it’s also something I have to be really careful with. It’s easy to scroll through and compare yourself to everyone else’s perfectly curated posts, but you really have to remind yourself that Instagram is a highlight reel. In this blog post I’m going to be discussing what I really think about Instagram, how it can be used in a positive way, and sharing some of my tips and tricks to improve your insta game. Let’s get to it!

I really do think Instagram is so fun and can be uplifting if used in the right way. I enjoy the “science” behind why some posts do better than others on my feed, scrolling through and staying up to date on people’s lives who I don’t get to talk to very often, taking pictures to make them match my feed, as well as gaining new ideas and inspiration from fellow bloggers and creators. I’ve connected with so many other bloggers and learned so much from them, all things that wouldn’t have happened without this app! But as I said previously, Instagram really can be a highlight reel. People are posting their best pictures out of the tens, maybe hundreds, that they took to get the perfect shot. There’s nothing wrong with this at all, as I think so much of it allows you to show your creativity and be artistic with what you post, but you have to be careful in remembering that everyone else is posting their best shots and perfectly edited pictures, too. Comparison truly is the thief of joy, and if we are scrolling through Instagram only comparing ourselves to everyone else, wondering why our life isn’t as put together as their’s or why we aren’t quite as toned or in shape as they are, we are missing the mark. Insta shouldn’t be a place where we compare ourselves, but where we get to cheer one another on, encourage each other, and share more of Christ with the world.

If Instagram gets to the point where it is only stealing your joy, take a break! There’s nothing wrong with that at all and sometimes it takes stepping back and shutting out the voices of this world to focus on what matters most. It can be really hard not to compare ourselves and our lives to other people on the Internet, and it’s definitely something I have to work at daily. So please do not feel discouraged if you are struggling with this. But I’d really like to encourage y’all that the next time you are scrolling and feel insecure because of the beautiful photo your friend just posted, instead of feeling bad about yourself, lift your friend up! Comment and tell her how radiant her smile is, or how you love her cute outfit. I think there really is such an amazing opportunity within this app to encourage others and lift one another up, rather than tearing yourself (and others) down. And like I said, if it’s getting to the place where it’s robbing you of joy, it’s okay to delete the app for a little bit and reset. Or even delete it forever. Or set a time limit on how long you spend on there. You do you girl.

While Instagram can be a highlight reel, it’s my hope that I can still be as authentic and genuine as possible in this space. Yes, I edit my pictures and like to use the same/similar presets each time to make things somewhat match. I like to play around with graphic design and add cute little stars here and there. I love to make cute stories and come up with creative ways to make them fun and unique. But it’s my hope and deepest desire that through all this, I could be a light for Christ to those who happen to stumble upon my page. I want people to see more of Jesus, and less of me. I want my life to be representative of His love. That’s my desire for this blog as well, and even by sharing silly things like tips about Instagram or where I’ve traveled to, that y’all could see my heart behind this and the reason I do what I do.

Another thing I think it’s important that I note: anytime I post for a specific brand representing their products and telling y’all how much I love them, this is because I really do love that product! Some of the brands I work with are brands I’ve already been using and loving, but if they’re new to me, I make sure they know that if I am not happy with the product that I will be sending it back instead of sharing it with my followers. This is important to me so that everyone is getting the most genuine and authentic content from me in terms of what kind of products I’ve been loving lately. PSA: If you ever get asked by a brand to represent them and the things they sell, make sure there’s an understanding that you want to use and love the product before sharing it. I think this goes a long way when it comes to building trust with the people who follow you. Just a little tip!

Now that I’ve prefaced with what I really think about Instagram and a little tip about working with brands, I want to share with y’all a document I’ve created describing my top five, most favorite, must have apps for Instagram. This is how I create cute stories, doodle on my pictures, and more! If you sign up for my email list through the button below, this document will get sent straight to your inbox. In this I am sharing all of my Instagram secrets with y’all, I really hope this is helpful!

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