My Favorite Thrift Store Finds

When it comes to thrift shopping, I used to be totally opposed to it. The idea of wearing a strangers hand me downs didn't really appeal to me, and I never had the patience to sift through all of the racks to find the perfect hidden gem. My sister, on the other hand, is a pro thrift shopper. She goes almost weekly and checks out all the new additions, patiently searching from rack to rack. She truly taught me how to do it right and gave me an appreciation for the fun things you can find if you're just patient enough to really look. Her love for a good thrift store find inspired me to write this blog post to highlight some of her and I's favorite things we have found there. This includes things like secondhand stores, goodwill, closet sales, the salvation army, and really any sort of vintage shop.

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Y'all!!! This dress!!! I do not have enough good things to say about it. I bought this at a closet sale hosted by some local Indy influencers. I got this dress from Kathleen Post and I absolutely love it. Check out her blog here, it's too cute!!! Not to mention the fact that the closet sale was so much fun to attend and shop through. Although I wouldn't totally consider this thrifting since all of the influencers had the cutest clothes, it was still such a fun find! This dress can be dressed up for a date night out, or dressed down by throwing a cute sweater over it. I have not had a chance to wear this out yet but shooting in it the other day was so much fun and I can't wait to find an occasion to wear it for. 

When my mom, sister, grandma, and I were in Chicago this summer we stopped at a thrift shop called Crossroads Trading Co. They carried brands such as Lulu Lemon, Free People, Madewell, and more. I was so impressed with the selection and lucked out with this adorable Free People sweater for only $12! Considering it had barely even been worn before, this was a total steal. 

One of my very best friends here at Alabama, Jordan, took all these photos of me while I helped her shoot some content for Aerie, American Eagle's loungewear and lingerie line. She is a brand ambassador for them this year and is absolutely killing the game already! After we got her content done I wanted some shots of her in this sweater also and y'all she is seriously a model!!! Let me know how it's possible to be this radiant and precious all of the time. 

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Not only did I find the Free People sweater at Crossroads, but walked away with these super cute and fun white fringe capris! I had been on the lookout for some fun white jeans different than the classic straight leg I have, and these have become a staple item in my closet. I love wearing them with just a graphic tee and platforms, or even dressing them up a little bit more for a nice dinner.

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The rest of our favorite thrift store items come from Goodwill and the Salvation Army! Lucy is seriously a pro when it comes to this, and I swear almost every time I see her wearing something new and ask where it's from, Goodwill is the answer. While it can be very hit or miss, if you're consistent and patient you can find some super cute things.

I love these simple Levi bootcut jeans. Finding Levi jeans that are your size in Goodwill can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack. If I do find a pair of Levis, they are usually too big or too small and I have to pass up on them, but I got so lucky with these! I can't wait for fall to begin so that I can start wearing them. They fit perfectly and are super comfy. I love this color wash because it can be worn with so many different things. 

Speaking of Levi's, these are another one of my most favorite thrifted pairs! My sister found these for me at Goodwill and it was the sweetest gesture that she thought of me. These are a little short on my long legs but I love that they therefore show off my shoes. They are definitely "mom jeans" and I love having something a little bit different than I would typically wear in my closet. They can really be worn with anything and are perfect to throw on with a t-shirt or sweater.

Another one of my most recent finds and favorite items is this fun jean jacket. It's casual but still cute and I love how the big motorsports patch on the back gives it some character. It's different than anything else in my closet and I love how it can be paired with so many different things and for many different occasions. Grace rocks this jacket, wearing it around her waist or even over her dress for a more casual vibe. Grace has the best style when it comes to clothes and I love how well she layers things. As soon as I asked her to throw this jacket on she modeled it so well!

When my sister was in town for Labor Day weekend, I had her bring her favorite thrift store finds to model and show off for this blog post. Lucy loves a good flannel and always wears them in the cutest ways. She searches through both the mens, women's, boys, and girls racks to find the ones she likes and somehow seems to make them look so fun and trendy. Flannels are one of my favorite things because wearing them with shorts makes for such a great transition to fall. Not to mention Lucy's Levi shorts and belt in these photos are thrifted as well! She found these as jeans and decided to cut them off, and they truly could not have turned out cuter. 

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Not only has Lucy found so many cute flannels, but she rocks this striped top as well. She typically ties it and wears it with high waisted shorts, but it can be worn in a variety of ways. This outfit gives me Dirty Dancing vibes and I absolutely love it!

Last but not least, this fun American flag sweater! Lucy always wears oversized sweaters but this one is definitely one of my all time favorites. She looks cute in just about anything she puts on, but I love how fun and patriotic this sweater is.

Overall, I hope y'all have enjoyed seeing some of Lucy and I's favorite things from the thrift store as well as the fun ways to style these items. A huge thank you to my sister for making me enjoy thrift shopping and teaching me how to have the kind of patience to find cute things there. Here's to all the future shopping trips to thrift shops we will take together!

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