Top Ten Carry-on Traveling Essentials

This weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Minnesota and be reunited with my boyfriend in order to celebrate his older brother’s wedding! Joe and I hadn’t been together since the week of July 4th and although this was a very quick trip, we had so much fun. Flying to Minneapolis from Birmingham makes for a long time to be traveling considering there are very rarely any direct flights from Bham. It is crucial for me to have all my necessities in my bag for these flights and long layovers, so I wanted to share with y’all the essential things I keep in my carry-on. I really have come to enjoy flying alone and navigating the airport by myself and always look forward to the next trip and next time I get to see my best friend (72 more days but who’s counting?).

travel essentials 2.jpg

First things first, I do not go anywhere without my Longchamp bag! This has become one of my most favorite things since I received it for Christmas two years ago. It can fit just about anything and is useful for everything from a carry-on, overnight bag, and I’ve even brought it to the beach to use as a beach bag before. I love the color because it goes with everything, but they sell this bag in many different colors and sizes. It is an absolute must have, especially when traveling.

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Within this smaller bag I keep everything such as chapstick, a perfume rollerball, hair ties, advil, and really anything I might need toiletry wise. I would always rather be more prepared than not, and this bag holds it all. I also keep my daily medicines in here so they don’t get lost with my luggage if it were to be misplaced. It’s convenient to have all of these things in one little bag and easy to find within all of my other items. Unfortunately I’m not sure where this came from, but I love the size of it and the cute print.

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I never go anywhere without my laptop! Whether it be doing homework in between flights, working on a blog post, editing pictures, or simply just scrolling through Pinterest, I wouldn’t know what to do without it. Not to mention that it makes it easier to charge my phone when the plane doesn’t have an outlet in the back of the seat in front of me. I love my MacBook because it isn’t too heavy and fits perfectly into my Longchamp. I definitely can’t travel without it!

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In addition to my laptop, my phone is always with me. I love having this little wallet cardholder on the back because then I don’t have to dig my license or anything out of my bag when going through security. It’s so convenient and keeps my most used cards readily available. They handed these out at Church of the Highlands college ministry, ONE, the other night and I’m obsessed with it.

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If you know me, you know that I am a little obsessed with planning and staying organized. Having my planner with me allows me to stay on top of homework and things that are coming up and due when I get back, even while traveling. I love being able to get things done and simultaneously mark them off of my to-do list. I am in love with this planner that I got from Homegoods at the beginning of the semester!

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I love bringing my camera with me because I am always taking pictures, and the thought of it potentially getting lost with my luggage is scary! Pictures have always been something I’ve loved and treasured, especially considering Joe and I don’t see each other often, I try to capture all the special moments we do have when we are together. While this camera is technically a vlog camera and I am definitely not a vlogger, I still love the photo quality and option to turn the screen around for some cute & fun selfies.

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These High Key Mini’s from Quay are my favorite shades ever. They are the perfect size and can be worn with essentially anything. I like to keep them in my carry on so that when I leave the airport I don’t have to dig through my luggage to wear them as we drive to the next destination.

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Along with my sunglasses, I bring my glasses with me as well. I get headaches super easily and sometimes all it takes to make it a little better is to throw these on when I am trying to focus on doing something like editing or reading. I love these Micheal Kors glasses and keeping them readily available if I need them is important.

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Bringing a book to read on the plane or in between flights is crucial! I feel like so often I get “too busy” to take time to sit down and read, but being on a plane is the perfect opportunity. Everybody Always is one of the books I am reading in a small group this semester, and has quickly become an all time fave. Bob Goff, the author, wrote one of my other most favorite books and his second has definitely not disappointed.

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Last but not least, all of my chargers and headphones! You would think being as organized as I am that I would have a better way of keeping these untangled, but this is how it is. I always have to do a double check before I leave that I’ve got my phone charger, apple watch charger, camera charger, and computer charger as well as both types of apple headphones. Sometimes on longer flights the planes will have the option to watch movies in the head of the seat in front of you, and the newest Apple headphones don’t work for that unfortunately.

Overall, bringing all of these things when traveling is essential for me. I had such an amazing time on this trip and can’t wait for the next time I’ll be in Minnesota. Check out the gallery below for my favorite pictures from this weekend! Here’s to the newlyweds! #MeetTheMyrens

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