HAPPY PLACE: Chicago, Illinois

Oh my goodness y'all. I cannot even express in words just how excited I was to go to the Happy Place and see what it was all about. Not only was it so much fun, but it totally exceeded my expectations. If you're interested in going or perhaps do not even have a clue about what Happy Place is, you're going to want to keep reading. 

Here's what you need to know:

Tickets run for $35 a piece. It might sound kind of pricey for a walk through exhibit, but it really is worth it. Luckily, my grandma, mom, sister, and I attended when they were having a sponsored Bubbly event, so our tickets were discounted to $20 each. Even if ours would have been $35, it still would have been worth the price!

When we walked into the door a worker briefed us on all of the rules and one of the first rules was something along the lines of "there is no crying or being sad here". At first I laughed, but truly I don't think there was even a second I didn't have a smile on my face. It's next to impossible to be sad here. Strictly good times are ahead.

It gets HOT in there. It didn't seem like they had air conditioning, but there were fans in each room that I would always stop by to cool off with which were super nice. If I were to do it again, I wouldn't have worn long pants and would've stuck to something a little bit more breathable.

The staff working there are so kind, and they are happy to take photos for you! We didn't think we would be able to get many shots of the four of us, but the workers were always offering to take a group photo. Even if you walk through the exhibit by yourself this would be something to consider!

Now onto the photos...

Each room has a different theme and idea behind it. I'm not totally sure if these will be in order so I apologize if they're not, but here we go!

The first room had two different sides to it, one with gigantic sized heels (which I didn't happen to snap a pic in) and then this adorable gum ball wall! Since this was the first room and there were a lot of people alternating taking pictures, we didn't take many. As the rooms continued on the traffic got more and more spread out since some people took longer in different rooms than others. Having to wait in line was never really an issue.

HP 1.jpg

The next room we didn't really feel the need to take photos in since it was still pretty crowded, so we moved onto the XO room. This is the room I had seen on insta that made me look into what the Happy Place was, so I was beyond excited. It was even more adorable in person!! This was definitely one of my favorite rooms. 

HP 2.jpg
HP 4.jpg

After the XO room we wandered into a room surrounded with metallic streamers and disco lights flashing everywhere. We decided not to take many pics in here because of the flashing lights, but went with having a spontaneous dance party instead!

HP 5.jpg

After the disco room, we headed into what I'd describe as "the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" room. There was a bit of a line for this, but I didn't mind waiting. It was so fun to watch everyone else jump into the pot of gold and then laugh as they realized it was a bit difficult to get out of. Lucy and I jumped in together and it was seriously too fun! I felt like a little kid again.

HP 7.jpg
HP 6.jpg
HP 14.jpg

After this fun, we walked into a bigger room that had a bunch of mini rooms inside of it! In here was a room with sparkly metallic circles on the walls, a pink room with hanging white chains, and one of my most favorites, a bathtub surrounded by yellow rubber ducks. We had so much fun taking photos in these unique spots.

HP 8.jpg
HP 9.jpg
HP 10.jpg
HP 11.jpg

Next was this confusing room... Before when I had seen pictures on their website and instagram, I could not figure it out. Do you think you can figure out how this photo is possible??? It had me stuck for so long!

HP 12.jpg
HP 13.jpg

Next, we moved onto the room with the giant HAPPY letters. I was so pumped about this and it was so sweet when an employee offered to take a picture of the four of us. In addition to the giant letters, they had balloons and the cutest backdrop. It almost reminded me of the movie Up!

HP 17.jpg
HP 16.jpg
HP 15.jpg

The next room I expected to love since the flowers were so beautiful, but for whatever reason the lighting was terrible. It was super dark with only spotty lighting from above. The room itself was incredible but I wish it would have been brighter so I could have gotten better pictures!

HP 19.jpg

Following this was another super fun spot. There were multiple almost sandbox looking things on the floor filled with confetti. You could make snow angels in them, and the idea of taking pictures from above was so different and unique from all of the other rooms.

HP 18.jpg
HP 20.jpg

After this was my favorite room of them all!! The surrounding walls were blue with clouds and inside was a bubble FULL of confetti. When you walked into the bubble, an employee turned on the floor fan and the confetti began to blow everywhere! There were also buckets in there to pile up confetti and throw it in the air. Almost all of the photos we attempted to take in this room covered us up with confetti, but regardless this was by far the most fun. We didn't stop laughing the entire time!

HP 22.jpg
HP 21.jpg
HP 23.jpg
HP 24.jpg

The next room included tables and chairs to sit and eat while there were popsicles, cotton candy, bubbly waters, and lemonade available for sale. Even though this was somewhat of a food court area, it was still decorated so well. The walls still had the clouds on them (even though they didn't show up super well in pictures) and these signs were adorable! 

HP 25.jpg
HP 26.jpg
HP 27.jpg

Finally, we walked into the last room. This included the gift shop full of lots of fun accessories and clothes. We didn't get anything but we took photos in front of the "Chicago is happy" chalk wall which had chalk sitting out to write things on the board that make you happy. At the end of the room was the final wall filled with butterflies. There was even a ring light set up in front of it with an iPad to take self timer photos. In the gift shop there was also a gigantic inflatable duck! Walking out, Lucy and I couldn't resist taking a picture in front of the "Did we just become best friends?" sign on the wall. 

HP 28.jpg
HP 29.jpg
HP 30.jpg
HP 31.jpg
HP 32.jpg
HP 33.jpg

Overall, this seriously could not have been a more fun exhibit. It's only in Chicago until August 6th before it travels to its next destination so be sure to check it out. I loved writing this and reliving all the fun times that we had here. I would absolutely recommend it to anybody looking for an hour and a half full of laughs and smiles. 

AND a huge thanks to my mom @studio116indy for taking all the pics!