Christmas Gift Guide for your Parents

I feel like it’s always so hard to buy for your parents because how could you possibly repay the people who have done the most for you?! It’s hard to pick out a gift because it feels as if no gift would ever be enough, but these sixteen different ideas are meaningful and intentional enough to let them know how much you love and appreciate everything they do for you.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 3.47.29 PM.png
  1. Amazon Fire TV Stick

    My family loves our fire TV stick and it’s such a great alternative to cable TV nowadays. This is a staple in our house and would make such a great gift.

  2. Young Living Essential Oil Diffuser

    My mom absolutely loves essential oils and this diffuser would be perfect to keep in the house to keep it smelling great all the time. My mom always diffuses specific oils when we are sick so it can be useful for that too! I never used to think essential oils were legit but have learned they really do help in many different situations.

  3. A gift card to their favorite restaurant

    There’s no one more deserving of a date night to their favorite restaurant than our parents! They very rarely take time for themselves and more than deserve to enjoy a night out with a fantastic meal. This is the perfect gift for those two people who work so tirelessly without ever asking for recognition.

  4. West Elm Gallery Frames

    Being the daughter of a photographer, I’ve grown up appreciating the importance of pictures. There is nothing more meaningful than framed photos of the fam for your parents to display around the house. Perhaps even schedule a family photoshoot to have updated pictures to put in those frames!

  5. Capri Blue Volcano Candle

    Hands down the absolute best candle of all time. While it is a little bit pricier than your typical Bath and Body Works candle, it is absolutely worth it! This will make the house smell fantastic, and your parents will think of you every time they burn it!

  6. Peter Thomas Roth Gold Eye Patches

    My mom and I have used these before and they work WONDERS. Your parents deserve a little pampering every once in awhile, so surprise them with these fun gold eye patches for a little at-home spa treatment. This is a great gift for someone who seems to have everything already!

  7. Weighted Blanket

    At my house I feel like we are always fighting over who gets to use the comfiest blanket when we are all on the couch watching a movie or TV, and this one is sure to be everyone’s favorite! It’s weighted design causes you to feel like you’re being hugged and is supposed to be soooooo very comfy. This would be such a great blanket to keep on the couch for everyone to share.

  8. Sweatshirt from the college you attend

    Your parents are always going to be your biggest fans, aka it would be an honor for them to be able to rep the college you attend!! While simple, this is a meaningful gift that they’re sure to love.

  9. Map Print Wall Art

    Is there a significant place that is important to your parents or family in general? These map art prints are so fun and unique to display in your home to remind you of the place you grew up, the location of that special vacation, or any other meaningful spot.

  10. Tile Mate

    In addition to being a great gift for a college-aged kid, these Tiles are perfect for your parents! It will allow them to stop misplacing their keys, purse, etc. and save them the time it takes to track those items down.

  11. Massage Envy Gift Card

    Again, parents deseperatly deserve some rest and rejuvenation!!! What better than gift certificate for them to get a massage?! This will show them how much you appreciate all the hard work put in and remind them that even parents need a break sometimes.

  12. Old Navy Matching Christmas Pajamas

    What cuter gift than matching pajamas to wear Christmas morning? My family does this every year and I think it’s the sweetest little tradition.

  13. Hello Fresh Grocery Delivery Subscription

    Save them the time they spend in the grocery store with this grocery delivery service! Groceries come delivered right to your door and save you the hassle and time of navigating through a grocery store. It can all be done right from your computer at home.

  14. Ugg Slippers

    My mom lives in her slippers and is always doing things around the house in them!! These are super cozy and would be a great gift for both mom & dad.

  15. Love you More Mug

    For a simple, yet thoughtful gift, give them this adorable “Love You More” mug. My mom and dad are both avid coffee drinkers and this mug is sure to make your parents think of you when they’re having their morning cup of coffee!

  16. Roomba

    Finally, the Roomba! While this is a little bit pricier, my mom always jokes that it’s the best gift she’s ever received. This little guy turns on and vacuums the house all on it’s own. With two crazy dogs running around our house always making messes, the Roomba cleans up their mess right behind them! Again, a great way to save your parents the time and energy of vacuuming the house!

Overall, I hope these ideas spark some creativity regarding what to give your parents for Christmas this year. Stay tuned for one more gift guide that I’ll be posting sometime next week! I apologize for it not being tomorrow but I just arrived in California and am going to spend the weekend unplugged from the blog in order to spend some quality time with Joe. Hope y’all have a great rest of your week!